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When should you bring NY Drapery Care to the job?

No matter if your client is simply painting or about to embark on a major renovation, the time to have NY Drapery Care remove the window treatments is before any of the dirty work begins. Leave the removal to us and not to the contractor. Over the years we have seen too many avoidable issues caused by contractors unknowingly mishandling the fabrics. We can store your client’s treatments until their renovation is complete. Once the apartment is ready we will re-install onto the original hardware and professionally dress the windows.

Design professionals we serve include:

re use drapery, or donate


  • Drake Design Associates
  • Mark Hampton, LLC.
  • McMillen Inc.
  • Thad Hayes
  • White Webb


  • Marks & Tavano Workroom
  • Anthony Lawrence Belfair
  • Distinctive Window Treatments
  •  White Workroom
  •  Penn & Fletcher

Our Process / Benefits 

To best serve your needs we provide a no obligation onsite visit to your client followed by a written estimate that not only details the cost, but as importantly provides you with our observations regarding the condition of the fabrics and what can reasonably be expected from cleaning.

We do our cleaning at our workroom and not in your client’s home. All our cleaning is done by hand and all fabrics are re-hung at the workroom and left to naturally dry. Drapery and sheers are NEVER put into a cleaning machine where they would be subject to tumbling and heat. Our process effectively eliminates the fear of shrinkage or damage often associated with a traditional dry cleaner.

We use only 100% eco friendly solvents made by Green Earth Cleaning. These solvents are odor free and will not fade or damage even the most fragile fabrics.